Promethean’s “Driverless EDI” technology is a revolutionary advancement to the traditional EDI approach. For over 20 years, Promethean’s custom EDI solutions have been the secret competitive advantage to the largest and most recognizable industry leading companies in the world. Companies like Subaru and Hubbell, the largest electrical supply manufacturer and distributor with annual sales exceeding 15 billion dollars. All now embracing “Driverless EDI”.

“Our technically superior Connectivity, Data Transformation and Integration software has been our customer’s secret competitive advantage for over 20 years. What began as a bold vision to offer custom EDI solutions to select large enterprises, with complex and time critical processes, has evolved into a single, multi-tenant, completely scalable, shared software services platform we call Prometheus.

Promethean now offers their “Driverless EDI” solution to all companies, of all sizes and in all industries. A technical and economically superior integration solution. “Driverless EDI", incorporates all the tools and resources required to effectively manage and process every facet of e-commerce/EDI into a single solution.

Promethean Software has always stood apart from all other traditional EDI Providers. “Driverless EDI” is just another example of our innovative approach. It is truly hands-free data connectivity, data transformation and application integration that requires no skilled resources, eliminates all VAN fees and is completely operating and ERP system independent.

With integration becoming the focus of many boardrooms, IT executives are now evaluating how they can improve their organization’s capability and take back control of their e-commerce/EDI processes. Unfortunately, most of these same companies have miscalculated the damage caused after more than a decade of ignoring their internal EDI processes. They are now behind an economy which demands lightning fast response, infallible accuracy and micro-management of individual orders and shipments. According to Promethean, the new managers of these companies know they must re-invest into e-commerce/EDI. Unfortunately, many mistakenly believe new software is the sole solution to correct the years of neglect and fail to realize the technical skills, time commitment and the fact that e-commerce/EDI processes are no longer batched and occur every hour of the day, night, weekend and do not rest over the holidays. Specifically, the rush to purchase highly complex, cloud based, software through incentivized annual subscriptions and over-promised marketing will make matters worse for most of these organizations. The single software solution did not work well a decade ago due to high turnover attributed to a scarcity of resources. A problem which has only grown worse as there are even fewer technically skilled EDI resources in the job market today. 

“Viable software is indeed an important ingredient. Which is why the Prometheus solution is Powered by the most advanced connectivity, data transformation and integration software available. Unfortunately, most companies start and stop their quest to become harmoniously interconnected with all their other critical applications with software alone. The failure to understand that fully supporting an e-commerce and EDI infrastructure is a 24x7x365 beast; that no matter how much software providers promise connectivity and integration out-of-the-box, it takes highly skilled, attentive and focused resources to design, code and support the applications and business processes that ultimately make each organization unique. To underestimate the ongoing effort and strain on internal resources to maintain an even more complex infrastructure with more complex processes and applications each hour of each day including after-hours, weekends and holidays, is the second biggest pitfall. There is no time off with a viable 21st Century e-commerce/EDI network."

Promethean is unabashed in their opinion that most companies, after years and years of stripping away focus and resources from their internal EDI processes, will underestimate the additional cost and resource demands as they try to become 100% self-reliant. Successful transition to what Promethean calls 21st Century e-commerce/EDI Integration starts with a plan to invest beyond the software. It should be understood, transition to comprehensive e-commerce/EDI software will force companies to become their own Value-Added Network, On-Demand skilled resource provider as well as require ongoing responsive technical and customer services support. Where are all these resources from within an organization going to magically appear from? In most cases, these responsibilities are provided by third parties on a 24x7x365 basis at nominal cost. As in 1990, there are only a select few companies positioned to adequately live up to the task and “overpay” for e-commerce/EDI capability due to other intangible strategic reasoning. The rest, like our customers, should strive to obtain all the benefits of technically superior software, around-the-clock networks and on-demand resource availability without the cost of ownership or straining existing scarce skilled resources.

Fortunately, after 20 years of providing advanced integrated EDI solutions, Promethean is making available the same multi-tenant, “Driverless EDI” Prometheus EDI platform to all companies of all sizes and in all industries. Our newest customers achieve the same seamless data integration benefits and the same stability in technology and cost as our largest and longest standing customers. The best part, the Prometheus “Driverless EDI" platform requires no human intervention, no capital investment in hardware or software, no VAN transaction fees, and custom integration tools with on-demand skilled resources built right in.